How to “Swap”

Stuff doesn’t grow. Kids Do. SymplySwap is the simplest way to shop and sell gently-loved kids clothes and essentials. Swapping the stuff your kids have outgrown for cash could not get any Sympler!


Step 1

When you decide to sell an item on the, register your interest using the form on the Contact Us. Alternatively, contact a SymplySwap rep via WhatsApp. You will be contacted to arrange a drop-off

Step 2

You send your items that meet our Selection Criteria in a box/bag including a detailed list of the items to be sent to us, that’s all you have to do!

Note: Please add a hyperlink to jump to the Selection Criteria

Step 3

When we receive your item, we will sort and inspect the Items to assess which of your items meet our selection criteria.

Step 4

If the item meets all of our criteria, we will prep, photograph, package, price the items based on the condition rating and our pricing strategy, and create product listings for each item on We may also post the item for sale on other third-party auction and sales websites, or sell your item through some other channel in addition to selling it through the

Step 5

You get an email confirming your Seller Account has been approved with a link to your dashboard where you can view all the products you have up for sale, orders till date, your total earnings etc

Step 6

Once your item sells, we deliver the items to the buyer and bulk transfer your earnings, less our commission, to your bank account on the 30th of every month.

If you already have a seller account you can log in to your seller dashboard

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Our Selection Criteria

  • Garments must be clean and free of stains/dirt; without excessive wear, holes or tears; and odour and pet-hair free.
  • All fasteners, zippers, snaps, buttons, ties) must be present and in working conditions
  • Toys, Games, Baby Gear, Decor, Music and, Movies that are like new or good working conditions and complete with all components must not contain batteries
  • Due to customer preferences, Chinese brands, Turkish Brands and Tailored Clothes are NOT acceptable
  • Books are not torn and have all pages intact

The minimum price of an item on SymplySwap is N500 and the retail price of single items must be worth N1000 or more. To meet this threshold, we may create a combo/set of low-value items. E.g. match similar coloured bodysuits together or pair a bib with a hat or combine books together

SymplySwap accepts the following items:

Baby, Children’s and Teen’s Clothing

  • Clothing, ranging from Preemie to Toddler age 10YR
  • Shoes: infant, toddler, and youth sizes
  • Bags and purses (Children themed items only)
  • Jewellery, hair accessories, sunglasses ( Most of these items should be placed in combos)


  • Toys (all with working components, however, batteries should not be included)
  • Children’s Games ( All parts and pieces must be included)
  • Learning Flash Cards (Must be NWT in sealed packages, no loose cards accepted)
  • Puzzles (Cardboard Jigsaw Puzzles must be New With Tags/Original Packaging)
  • Children’s Books (Books must meet N500 threshold, or placed in book combos)
  • Maternity/Parenting Books (Books must meet N500 threshold, or placed in combos)

Sports Equipment:

  • Children’s sports equipment, Children’s swimming accessories (Please read below for specific details)
  • Balance Bike Accessories- Includes Bike repair kits (NWT), tire tube repair (NWT)
  • Basketball Equipment-Basketballs
  • Soccer Equipment- Soccer balls, padding. No mouth guards accepted
  • Swimming Flotation Devices- Flotation devices (NWT), pool toys (NWT), wet suits (NWT)
  • Squash & Tennis Equipment-Tennis ball, Tennis Racket


  • Must be in playable condition, no significant wear or scratched discs.
  • Nintendo Wii, Nintendo Wii U, Nintendo Switch, Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS, Sony PlayStation 3, Sony PlayStation 4, Microsoft XBOX One, and Microsoft XBOX 360 console games with EC, E, E10, or T ratings in their correct case and with their original artwork.
  • Baby, kids, audio CDs (e.g. Baby Einstein, Sing-alongs, TV and movie soundtracks, Disney Cartoons etc.)

Nursery, Baby Gear & Misc. Accessories:

  • Nursery Items: Cribs, Rocking Chairs, Changing Tables, Bassinets, Storage, Blinds etc
  • Baby Gear: Bouncers, Rockers, Swings, Strollers, Jumperoo, Highchairs, Playpens, pack and play, Car seats, booster seats, baby monitors, travel accessories, Baby carriers, slings, humidifiers, baby seats, car seat accessories, car seats toys, bottle warmers, shopping cart covers, stroller accessories, nursery items, infant bathtubs
  • Reusable & Disposable Diapers (New & Unopened)
  • Kids’ tableware items (new & non-fragile)
  • Kids and character-themed decors such as clocks, curtains, and bedding.
  • Also accepted children’s figurines, jewellery boxes, night lights, wall art, bedding, holiday items and decor, small children’s room lamps, etc. No items made with glass, or that contain fragile parts will be accepted.
  • Sealed bath & body items, soaps and cosmetics (New & sealed)

We currently DO NOT accept:

 Entertainment Articles:

  • Adult books, Adult themed-CDs, Video Games rated Mature
  • R-rated DVDs
  • Electrical items (except very simple on/off type devices, such as lamps, baby monitors and bottle warmers)
  • VHS-cassettes; audio cassettes, vinyl records or other older storage formats
  • PC, Mac, or Linux computer games for any operating systems (ie Windows, Mac OS, Atari, Amiga, Commodore 64)
  • Nintendo GameCube, Sony PlayStation 1 or 2, Microsoft XBOX, Sony PSP, and Atari Jaguar games
  • Any games that were downloaded, copied and/or accessed on the internet, or which need a private activation, registration or similar code for playing it


  • Standard Size Cardboard Jigsaw Puzzles Unsealed, with less than 1,000 pieces will be subject to verification
  • Sports trading cards
  • Comic Books
  • Sporting helmets and Safety helmets
  • Bath and & Body Items, Soaps, etc.
  • Cosmetics

Baby Gear:

  • Used breast pumps, nipple covers, nursing pads, bottle nipples, teethers, pacifiers, bras, nursing bras, socks, and underwear.
  • Sippy Cups- Must have no signs of wear.
  • Used medicine droppers/spoons, nasal aspirators and thermometers-
  • Crib bumpers (except the breathable type)


  • Cereal, milk, baby food or any other edibles
  • Hand-made or altered items without brand or size tags
  • Library owned books
  • Fragile Decorative Figurines
  • Used Flotation Devices, Used Wet Suits/Flotation suits


Commissions and Pricing

SymplySwap is not like your average peer-to-peer marketplaces. We make it Symple by handling photography, merchandising, marketing, promotions, pricing and listing on the site.

We believe in fair and transparent pricing such that there is trust between the vendors and ourselves that we will ensure you earn the fair market value for your items.

We will determine the sale price for your item at our discretion based on similar items that have sold on the SymplySwap,  the condition of the Item, the season, and brand, item type, current retail price

Commission Model

Below N5,000 You earn 55% We earn 45%
N5001 – N15,000 You earn 60% We earn 40%
Above N15,000 You earn 70% We earn 30%


Your earnings are transferred to your bank account on the 30th of the month. If you have nominated to have your earnings donated to your preferred charity this will be done in lieu of your transfer. If the 30th falls on a weekend or holiday, your account will be credited the next business day.

However, if an item does not sell within 60days (calculated from the date that the item was listed on the Site), the price will be discounted further and marked as “Clearance”. If it still doesn’t make a sale after a total of 90days on the site, you have the option of donating the items to a preferred charity or have them delivered back to you.

Vendor Account Registration

You can reclaim your item back after a minimum of 3 months, so long as it has not been sold, by sending an email to us with the title “SHIP ITEMS BACK TO ME”. We will return the items to you at the address you provided in your account while you bear the cost of shipping. If you choose to reclaim your items prior to the 3 months, you agree to pay any return fee (between N5000 – N15000 depending on the volume of the items) we charge to you, in addition to all shipping fees.